May 232014
Edgar Wright Leaves Ant-Man

In a stunning move, director Edgar Wright has left the production of Ant-Man. It seems that he left the movie due to creative issues with Marvel. Personally, I find this ominous as Edgar Wright co-wrote the script with Joe Cornish. It does appear that Marvel isn’t too concerned as they have come out and said [Read more…]

May 232014
X-Men: Days of Future Past Opens Big

In no surprise, X-Men: Days of Future Past opened big Thursday night. The latest X-Men movie took in $8.1 million in Thursday night showings, While some will point out that Godzilla took in $9.3 last Thursday, you have to remember that Godzilla had two screenings on Thursday night as opposed to just one for X-Men; [Read more…]

May 192014
New Action Packed Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

In the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, we got introduced to the motley bunch of criminals that comprise the group and got a healthy dose of humor. Now a second trailer has been released that really ramps up the action and shows us some deeper glimpses into the movie directed by James Gunn. Plus, [Read more…]

May 122014
NBC Releases Official Constantine Trailer

Hellblazer was a truly groundbreaking comic when it was first published way back in the 1980s by DC Comics. Instead of the normal spandex-clad superhero that fought for justice, we got an obnoxious occultist that seemed to almost revel in the seamy world he inhabited. John Constantine was a chain-smoking, arrogant bastard that would flip [Read more…]

May 092014
Snowpiercer Trailer Shows Post-Apocalyptic Struggle

One of the most interesting genres of movies are those that deal with some sort of apocalypse, be they biological, zombie, or nuclear. You can always use such a setting to showcase some serious action, make some social commentary, or perhaps both. One such film that I’m looking forward to is Snowpiercer, a film directed [Read more…]

May 072014
The Bill Finger Batman Saga Continues

The sad reality of the comic book industry is that many creators have gone unrecognized for their contributions that they made. One such case is Bill Finger, who many credit as being a co-creator, along with Bob Kane, of DC Comic’s Batman. The topic has come up again recently as the new Batman-themed series, Gotham, [Read more…]