Jun 032015

Some new trailers have been released for both Batman: Arkham Knight and Fallout 4. The Batman: Arkham Knight trailers showcase Red Hood and Harley Quinn respectively. Both are extra playable characters in the upcoming video game. Harley Quinn is obtained by pre-ordering the game. Doing so gives players a story mission for her as well as four challenge maps. To get Red Hood, players will have to pre-order at Gamestop. Other pre-order specials are a prototype Batmobile (Walmart), Batman Beyond and Dark Knight Returns skins (Steam), and extra Aerial Juggle, Batarangs While Gliding, Explosive Gel Takedown, and Weapon Upgrade abilities for Batman (TESCO and Best Buy). There’s also a season pass for forty bucks that gives a Batgirl story mode, new story missions for Batman and his partners, Batmobile race circuits, challenge maps, and additional costumes.

Personally, I hate all this extra pre-ordering garbage and season passes. When I buy a game, I want the complete game. Instead, you just put a down payment on the game and keep paying until the game company can’t bleed you dry any more.

Another release today was the Fallout 4 trailer by Bethesda. Once again, this trailer is incredibly atmospheric and sets up the sad, post-apocalyptic world that is Fallout. A friend of mine that lives in Boston is gassed about the trailer as he identified several local landmarks in the trailer. I wouldn’t know as I live in sunny Florida.

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