May 182015

In some tremendous news, it’s being reported that a Kickstarter will begin on June 2nd for Bard’s Tale 4. What’s even better is that this game will not be in the vein of the humor-themed Bard’s Tale from a few years ago but rather the original trilogy of games whose first installment was released back in 1985 by Electronic Arts. Old school gamers know that the original Bard’s Tale and its sequels were the pinnacle of dungeon crawling games that used elements from tabletop roleplaying games.

Brian Fargo, the head of inXile, says that Bard’s Tale 4 will be a true dungeon-crawling sequel and that we can expect old favorites like magic mouths and teleport zones. The new game will use the Unreal Engine 4, and there is only a single screenshot for it. Fargo says that the game does not exist yet, but it will once funding is secured. The Kickstarter is looking for $1.25 million, after which inXile will put in another $1.25 million.

Bard's Tale 4
Brian Fargo goes on to say, “I don’t know what game could be more near and dear to my heart than Bard’s Tale, not just because it was a seminal old game for me and put me on the map, but it’s the kind of game I love. I grew up playing Wizardry and Dungeons & Dragons. It’s right up my wheelhouse for stuff I love to do.

A lot of people grew up playing The Bard’s Tale. There was a great article recently in Forbes magazine about Notch and how he grew up playing The Bard’s Tale. People have a lot of fond memories of it. And it’s important for me to make sure that people who are fans of the original trilogy are comfortable and happy with what we’re doing.”

Well, Fargo can count me in as one of those who have fond memories of playing the original Bard’s Tale. I wrote last year about my memories of playing the game when it was originally released. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I had playing the game, not to mention the countless hours I spent in Skara Brae. I still get goose bumps when I hear the tavern theme playing in all its old computer processing glory. If Bard’s Tale 4 is even half the game of the original Bard’s Tale, it’ll definitely be worth the investment.

The Bard's Tale

The original The Bard’s Tale in all its dungeon-crawling glory.

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