Apr 302014

Got a bit of sad news today as I saw that Almost Human got the axe. It seems that if I like a show to any degree, then it seems to be the kiss of death. I really liked the chemistry between Karl Urban (a human cop) and Michael Ealy (a robot), and the show had an interesting universe that they created, but were eventually unable to fully explore. So what are the underlying reasons that got Almost Human cancelled?

Almost Human
The obvious answer is ratings and cost. Sci-fi tv shows cost more money to create than the usual police procedural shows that are normally pumped out every year. If the show has good enough ratings, then the network can justify the cost. However, as Almost Human went from 12.6 total viewers down to less then eight, then chances were slim for a second season. Another reason was that Fox had three pilots (Gotham, The Red Band Society, and Empire) that are considered strong contenders for making the fall schedule. Such pressure from below sadly helped push Almost Human off the cliff.

I’m sad  to see Almost Human cancelled for several reasons, but I will admit that the show was uneven. The supporting characters were essentially two dimensional and not given enough to do. An example of wasted plotlines and talent was the character of Detective Valerie Stahl (Minka Kelly), a genetically engineered person who seemed to be a possible love interest for Karl Urban’s character, John Kennex. However, the show seemed to pick up steam in the last few episodes, but that might have been too late. Some fans are petitioning the SyFy channel to pick up the show, but that’s very unlikely. Once again, us geeks are left with a promising series that ended just as we were getting to know it. Sigh…

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  1. You want to know why it was cancelled? Not enough jesters of course! Hee hee! Ho ho! Ha ha!

    ‘The jester is an annoying fellow…’

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