Aug 112015
Loving the Westworld and Supergirl Trailers

One thing that us geeky types have to look forward to is a number of interesting TV shows coming our way. Recently we got to take a look at a teaser trailer for Westworld and the official Supergirl trailer. The Westworld trailer is only thirty seconds long, but it does provide someĀ  insight into how [Read more…]

Aug 072015
Cosplay Pic of the Day

Our cosplay pic of the day is some tremendous Tombstone cosplay. This picture was taken at Dragon Con 2012. Please click on the post to view the full image. Over the years, I’ve seen a few groups doing Tombstone cosplay, and I always get a huge kick out of it. While I’m an utter geek, [Read more…]

Aug 072015
Dragon Con 2015 Just Four Weeks Away!

The final countdown has begun on Starbasegeek for Dragon Con 2015. The convention is slated to begin just four weeks from today. As I’m writing this post a little bit late, I would be sitting down to watch the main costume contest in the Marriott Atrium at this moment in twenty-eight days from now. I [Read more…]