Aug 262015
Cosplay Pic of the Day

Our cosplay pic of the day is some tremendous steampunk cosplay. This picture was taken at Dragon Con 2009. Please click on the post to view the full image. I’ve always been a huge fan of steampunk cosplay as the genre is both innovative and creative. I recognize the man’s gun as a Nerf-style pistol [Read more…]

Aug 252015
Fear the Walking Dead Review - Pilot Episode

Fans, including myself, have been eagerly anticipating the prequel series to The Walking Dead that would showcase the initial outbreak of the zombie apocalypse, but this time the location would be the urban center of Los Angeles. The pilot episode broke cable records with over ten million viewers for AMC, but did it live up [Read more…]

Aug 232015
SJW Nuts Go Scorched Earth in Hugo Awards

Please allow me to go somewhat political for a moment. I hate doing this as I regard Starbasegeek as a refuge where geeks can come together and discuss nerd culture without worrying about offending anyone’s delicate sensibilities. The goal of this site is to discuss areas that are of particular importance to geekdom and to [Read more…]