Apr 232015
Edge of Tomorrow Review (2014)

When Edge of Tomorrow was being advertised, many scorned the film as Groundhog Day meets sci-fi. The premise of the film is that Tom Cruise plays a military public relations officer who is forced to enter combat against alien invaders. Unfortunately for him, he dies during that battle but reawakens to the previous day when [Read more…]

Apr 222015
They Should Rename Me-TV as Geek-TV

I admit that I’m a huge fan of retro programming. While there are a lot of great shows on today, there’s just something about older shows that take me back to my childhood. Besides the nostalgia factor, I also enjoy that each episode of most classic TV shows were self-contained. You can pick up and [Read more…]

Apr 212015
Loving the Retro Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

One of the glories of geekdom is that there is so much creativity swirling around out there. The latest example of this is the retro Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. While the original film trailer gave us Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill strutting their stuff, the retro trailer by Bobby Burns takes the [Read more…]