Jun 142014
Cosplay Pic of the Day

Our cosplay pic of the day is The Tick from the comic books. The picture was taken at Dragon Con 2010. Click on the post to view the full image. Who doesn’t love The Tick? I really wish that the cartoon series had lasted longer as it was incredibly funny. Spoon!

Jun 142014
Slew of DC Movies Coming Our Way

Warner Bros has had a schedule of DC movies leaked to the Nikki Finke website, and it looks like there’s a bunch of them coming our way. It finally looks like Warner Bros is taking the DC characters seriously after seeing the success that Marvel has done with their films. The only thing I’m worrying [Read more…]

Jun 142014
Two Interesting Geek Kickstarter Projects

Kickstarter is a wonderful platform for people to create or support a project that may not otherwise see the light of day. As I surf across the net, I always keep an eye open for interesting geek Kickstarter projects. Here are two that I’ve recently come across. The first is Channel Zero, which is a [Read more…]

Jun 122014
New Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Trailer Released

Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller have teamed up again for the sequel to the original Sin City. Releasing on August 22nd, the movie studio has released the new Sin City: A Dame to Kill For trailer and it looks damn good. Shot in the highly stylized format of the Sin City comic books by Frank [Read more…]