Jun 192014
Karl Urban Added to Dragon Con Lineup

It just seems that the Dragon Con lineup for 2014 just gets better and better. Just a couple of months ago, I was not terribly excited over the list of the guests that would be attending the con in late August. Yet, I wasn’t disheartened as I know that the last few months before the [Read more…]

Jun 182014
Brent Spiner Discusses Cats and Star Trek: TNG

There’s an old adage in Hollywood to never work with children or animals. This is made evident by the video below where Brent Spiner discusses who the worst actor was that he ever worked with while filming Star Trek: The Next Generation. Take a gander and see what he’s talking about below. I always love [Read more…]

Jun 172014
Cosplay Pic of the Day

Our cosplay pic of the day is the Italian Stallion, Rocky! The picture was taken at Dragon Con 2013. Click on the post to view the full image. This is a tremendous cosplay as it captures a character so completely. It’s also nice to see a cosplay not based on anime, video games, or fantasy/sci-fi [Read more…]

Jun 172014
Jason Momoa Playing Aquaman

News broke earlier today that Jason Momoa will be playing Aquaman in the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. The actor has been in talks since last December to appear in the film, but he remained coy about it. I think that this is a good choice, even though I’m having trouble imagining [Read more…]