Mar 042014
Guild Wars 2 The Battle for Lion's Arch Begins

The epic storyline that Guild Wars 2 has been weaving for some time has reached the climax in The Battle for Lion’s Arch. This latest update for the mmo starts today and has players attempting to take the city back and destroy Scarlet Briar’s champions. You’ll fight your way onto her airship and try to [Read more…]

Mar 032014
Tetris Lowers Food Cravings

Science is awesome as new studies come to light. The latest one follows the Elaborated Intrusion theory, where our cravings are driven by visual images. Three psychologists from Plymouth University, Jessica Skorka-Brown, Jackie Andrade, and Jon May conducted some experiments. They asked one group to watch a screen that said the game was loading (it [Read more…]

Mar 032014
Games Top of Kickstarter Funding

Kickstarter has announced that they’ve reached over a billion dollars of funding with thousands of projects. The largest slice of the funding pie went to games, both digital and non-digital. Overall, this is tremendous news and is a significant boon to gamers. The funding for games has increased every year on Kickstarter. 2009 – $48,190 [Read more…]

Mar 012014
Metal Hurlant Chronicles Coming to SyFy

The SyFy Channel is importing a new series to American shores. Metal Hurlant Chronicles is a European live-action series based upon the comic from the 1970s. That comic, called Metal Hurlant in France, was better known in the US as Heavy Metal. The show features adult storylines and two seasons have been filmed so far. [Read more…]