Feb 222014
SpongeMen SquareWatch Merges SpongeBob with Watchmen

The video below is just amazing. Rodrigo Huerta has combined the look and tone of SpongeBob SquarePants and merged it with Watchmen into the seamless SpongeMen SquareWatch. Seeing Patrick as the Comedian is both funny and somewhat disturbing. Naturally, SpongeBob is Rorschach. Enjoy!  

Feb 222014
Toy Hunter Recap - Star Wars at NYC Comic Con

My DVR always ensures that I don’t miss an episode of one of my favorite series, Toy Hunter. Watching Jordon and company scour the US for toys and collectables is both enjoyable and nostalgic for me. My brother and I usually compare notes after each episode as we discuss the toys featured. The latest episode [Read more…]

Feb 212014
Will Pantheon Reach Kickstarter Goal?

With just scant few hours left, there’s the likely possibility that the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen mmo will not meet its Kickstarter goals. Visionary Realms only has $454,000 pledged out of $800,000 with less than a day to go. This is rather surprising as the game is being pushed by Brad McQuaid, the creator [Read more…]